pinky promise

i miss my brother more than i miss someone else.
i may look angry but i'm not. blame my face.
i hate late comers. don't worry friends, i understand.
i am prone to infection, so stay away from me, you dirty crap.
i do hate and love my friends but it's more of the L-word.
i am loud. don't be scared with my voice.
i love lectures. its just with my profs when i started to hate.
i love to write but not to copy notes. arrrgh.
i am learning to love nursing but statistics make it hard.
i make pretensions. don't be deceived with my fake emotions.
i love blue but i cant find any in my closet.
i might be so sleepy but i don't dare to sleep in a jeepney.
i am not a vampire but i love to bite.